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Managing Wealth to a Higher Standard

There’s great clarity in knowing that your advisor’s #1 obligation is to you and your interests.

Masso Torrence Wealth Management | 401(k) Plan Consulting is an independent, boutique firm specializing in comprehensive financial planning and corporate retirement plans for physicians, dentists, attorneys and small-business owners. By working with a select group of clients, we can focus all of our time and resources developing strategies to meet the unique challenges you face.

Our mission is straightforward. We are in business to serve our clients as trusted fiduciaries. We work closely with our clients on building a foundation of trust while striving to adhere to the highest fiduciary standard. We truly believe that if we put your interests first, our own success is assured.

That’s managing wealth to a higher standard.

That’s Masso Torrence.

Fiduciary: An individual in whom another has placed the utmost trust and confidence to manage and protect property or money. The relationship wherein one person has an obligation to act for another’s benefit.


Wealth Management

Our clients have complex needs and high service expectations. They’re looking for more than an asset manager – they want a trusted partner to help navigate the financial complexities of their lives through each major event and change.

At Masso Torrence, you’ll receive objective guidance from knowledgeable advisors who have over two decades of experience helping clients fulfill their personal financial goals.

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401k Plan Consulting

Our Corporate clients look to us to create efficient and effective retirement plans. They want ease of administration, low overall cost, assistance in managing fiduciary responsibilities, objective investment guidance, and employees that are well prepared for retirement.

Masso Torrence is an independent consulting practice serving retirement plan sponsors as investment fiduciaries. Our specialized knowledge of the retirement plan landscape and the extensive experience we have, enables us to be an indispensable partner for many businesses in the area.

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